Part 3: The Current State Snapshot (May 30)

Bonus Learning Outcome: Sum up where you are now so you have a powerful baseline from which to leap forward.

A few tips… Look back at your powerful and insight work in parts 1 and 2 of this bonus program pre-work. Your opportunity now is to bring it all together so you have a snapshot of where you are now.  

My 5 core driving valuesare (include the extra words to describe each one):

1.    Inner Harmony– ease, grace, flow, fully aligned and present with each moment

2.    Intimacy– meeting and being met fully and unconditionally

3.    Courageous– showing up fearlessly, taking steps forward 

4.    Health– vitality and energetic balance

5.      Integrity– walking my talk in all aspects of my life


Where and how I’m being true to my values (where I feel inner harmony):

I am doing this work!

Every time I begin an opening meditation with my students, I automatically line up with all of my values.

When I am fully present with my family, like last Friday when I went bike riding with Clara and played at the park with her.

Where and how I am being less true to my values (where I feel inner conflict):

I feel uninspired to care for my physical health. 

I disengage from those around me and put up a barrier between our hearts (exactly the oppostive of what I teach).

I procrastinate tasks and projects and I let those unfinished items prevent me from taking care of myself, fostering healthy relationships and moving forward with my business.

My last year can be summed up as:

An unveiling of truth. A year that broke me open. There were many difficult times and many magical moments. The last year was all about chaos and turmoil followed by blessings, transformation.

A year that has forced me to step into my power and to step into following and living my passions!

Where I am now can be summed up as:

I am in a difficult and painful re-integration following a significant life experience.

I am between worlds. I can’t go back to the way I was and I am having a very hard time stepping into something else. 

What I want the most next is:

To live in line with my values in all areas of my life.

To change my relationship with the present moment (especially when I am home alone and with my family). 

The biggest distractions or obstacles getting in my way are:

Fear and procrastination. Fear that change isn’t possible and, more importantly, that if I change I will fail and/or my marriage will fail.

Some changes I need to make and some actions I need to take are: 
(Simply use what you already know and see from doing this bonus program pre-work,
 even if we’re early in our work together.)

I need to address (once and for all) the underlying cause of my “paralysis”.  

I need to get clear on what I want, stop making excuses and get going on creating the life that I want.

I want:

-       To feel healthy and energetic

-       To have ease and flow with the tasks of daily life

-       To joyfully anticipate each class and feel inspired to prepare for them in creative and new ways

-       To finish up projects and feel productive 

-       To figure out what I want with my business and career and FULLY step into it

What I most want to remember about WHERE I AM NOW is:

I want to remember how desperate and disjointed I feel. I want this feeling to END. I want to look back and know that I have transcended past this phase of my life.

I turn 50 in 2.5 years and I would very much like to feel that I am living my purpose on that day (and between now and that day)! 

What I am most excited about, or looking forward to, next is:

Seeing what will transpire from our work together (and from my work on my own).