Facilitated by Patti Wardlaw, the mission of Practicing Grace Qigong is:

To provide a warm and welcoming environment for participants to access the healing power of a women’s circle. The primary practice of qigong is infused with teachings from a broad range of traditions. Meditation, sharing circles, and gentle qigong movements help to cultivate presence, compassion, open-heartedness, vulnerability, gratitude and grace. 

In addition to her qigong training, Patti is well versed in the teachings of Advaita or Nonduality. For the past twelve years she has enjoyed attending Satsang retreats with her dear friend and mentor,  Pamela Wilson.  Patti has a natural ability to infuse the spirit of satsang into her qigong teachings, bringing  a wholehearted, warm, nurturing and practical approach to her classes.

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