Mario Argento - Qigong Instructor and Healing Touch Practitioner

Mario Argento developed his passion for qigong in 2001 when he turned to the practice as an alternative health treatment to heal his back injury. Since then, Mario has studied various schools of Medical Qigong including Eight Silk Brocade, Daoist Qigong, Spring Forest Qigong, Supreme Science Qigong, and ZY Qigong amongst others.

He understands the need to combine qigong and natural healing principles into ones daily routine to counter the stress of modern day work environments and keep the body, mind, and spirit healthy.

He teaches qigong because he believes that it is highly effective in preventing and healing chronic illness, and he also believes that methods such as qigong will be an essential part of a sustainable health care system.

Qigong was his healer and is now his passion in life. He continues to study alternative methods of healing with focus on energy work and has successfully completed Healing Touch Program Level 4, Spring Forest Qigong Level 3, Anatomy for Healers, Pranic Healing Level 2 and Quantum Touch.