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Good evening,

Just sat down at the end of a long day (feeling kind of tired, stressed and overwhelmed) and took some time to myself to read through this week’s treasure trove. I wanted to let you know what a remarkable gift it is—that you have taken the time to carefully and thoughtfully choose these words and share them with each of us. 

It is always evident that you put a great deal of time, attention and planning into each of the circles and even more so with our latest journey into the Four Agreements.

I really needed to read them again, and have another chance to absorb the meaning. I also noticed that it helps me feel as present as possible during the circle because the words are captured here to reflect on. I know your time is precious, and I feel so fortunate that you have chosen to spend your time leading circles of women—and very grateful that our paths have crossed.

With heartfelt thanks and appreciation,

Delona Hope

Hi Patti!

I just wanted to to say thank you for what you have created!!! This weekly gathering has far exceeded my expectations, and your sincerity and genuine open hearted-ness make it a truly safe place to come to every Monday. I look forward to continuing in April. 

Angela Cavar

"I looked very forward to learning more about qigong and figured it would be a positive experience because of the group, the place, and my own intentions, but I have to say that what I got out of Patti’s classes, by far, exceeded my expectations. The instruction, discussions, and movements together, awakened me to a wisdom of how to work with my body and mind in a way that can promote and sustain good health. Patti’s impassioned modeling of movements and her growing knowledge of the body and all of its interconnections were inspiring, to say the least. I imagine that qigong works best for individuals in a group when there is a feeling of safety, meaning, and connection, and for me this was attained right from the onset. I plan on making qigong a lifelong practice, and I absolutely LOVE the idea that this is a devotion of living and practicing grace."

Michelle MacDonald

"A beautiful experience of qigong with like minded individuals in a warm and supportive environment. Patti leads a class that is thoughtful, intentional and steeped in tips and background information. You can come for initial exposure, to practice in a group or to learn more about the specific benefits of each movement."

Katrina Campbell

“From the moment I walk in the door for one of Patti's classes I instantly feel at ease as her warm welcome and true concern for her student's comfort radiates. Patti has a strong intuition on what to focus on in the session to best benefit each individual. She clearly explains and guides each movement and its intention so anyone new to the class can easily follow along and she often uses different verbiage which helps each student connect in different ways. I come out of Patti's classes feeling lighter and deeply content, and I am grateful for Patti and her gift of Qigong. "

Leslie Wiechnik

"Signing up for qigong with Patti, was one of the best things I did for myself this year!! I had tried qigong in the past but it did not resonate, like it has with our Monday morning class!! I'm very grateful and blessed to have had the opportunity to spend my Monday mornings with such a great group of ladies!! Thanks Patti, my life has a sense of balance, that I now feel!"

Teal Kells-Hodgson

Patti is a master of leading us through the practice of qigong.  She has a lightness and ease as she navigates us through the movements. She truly embodies the name "Practicing Grace".

Margaret Dahlberg

Patti is a teacher with grace, strength, clarity and just the right amount of levity.

Glenda Koppe

"I came to qigong to support Patti, I stayed for me, because I love qigong! Patti is a passionate, patient and skilled facilitator and instructor. She takes the time to explain and educate, which I found invaluable. I am a huge fan of Patti’s methods and the benefits of qigong!"

 Cathy Anderson

 "I  want to share how qigong helped me get through a project that I have been quite anxious about. I had an important proposal to submit today, and I noticed my usual panicking and negative habits coming up. I decided to consciously choose differently this time, so I did some breathing and started my day early with some intuitive movements. I ended up standing for most of my computer time today, which is unusual, but it felt good as I took little qigong movement breaks, and my proposal felt way smoother and clearer than ever! I’m trying hard not to attach myself to the outcome and just acknowledge that I felt really positive, happy, and actually energized afterward instead of my usual post stress stupor!

So I just want to say, as Patti has many times, that no matter the infinite variables, I do believe "Practicing Grace" completely helped switch and uplift something for me today. And I say “Practicing Grace” and not just qigong, because I believe it is more than just the practical exercises, and so much about the power of our group and the energy I know we are sharing with one another!"

 Michelena Bamford

I had the opportunity to have a private session with Patti and enjoyed it immensely. She has incredible knowledge and passion for her practice. To have learned a few skills from an age old tradition to help achieve some balance, peace and grace was long overdue. 

 Talia Dougall

I love my qigong classes with Patti and I am so amazed how great I feel when I practice. Everyone should give it a try. You will feel wonderful!

Josie Drever Chu