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Thank-you for your interest in joining a “Circle of Presence” group of women. My vision of creating space for committed groups of women to gather for a series of 4-8 week sessions has come to fruition and continues to grow, and I couldn’t be more grateful!

I take a lot of care in the formation of my class lists and to ensure that all those who are interested in joining a circle are able to do so. In order to do this, I need to ask for commitment 4 weeks prior to the beginning of a new session, so that I may open up spots to those on wait lists as well as advertise beyond the circles. I so appreciate your willingness to accomodate this request, it means the world to me

To fully honour the intention and energy of our transactions, I have created the following guidelines:

  • If you are currently registered in a circle, you are guaranteed a spot in the same circle for the subsequent session. If you wish to change to a circle at another date and time, I will do my very best to accommodate you, but I cannot guarantee a spot. Likewise, I will do my absolute best to accommodate requests to hold spots in future sessions, but I cannot fully guarantee this if you are not registered in the previous running session.

  • Life happens and even the best laid plans sometimes need to change. As such, cancellation with a full refund will be available up to 14 days before the beginning of a session. For cancellations 7-14 days before a session I will happily credit your payment towards a future session (though I cannot guarantee a spot will be available in the time and date that you want). Unfortunately, I cannot offer a refund or credit for cancellations 7 days or less before the start of a session.

  • To secure your spot and to energetically set the commitment of our circles, I ask for payment at least one month in advance (and for fall sessions, I ask for payment by the end of June). If advance payment is not possible, then I will happily take a post-dated cheque or a post-dated etransfer.

  • It is understandable and that you may need to miss a class over the course of a session, unfortunately, due to the small class size, pro-rating of registration fees for missed classes is not possible. If you miss a class you will, of course, continue to receive the weekly Treasure Trove covering the highlights of each class .

  • I want my circles to be accessible to all women, so I am very willing to offer discounts to those in need, if this applies to you please feel free to discuss with me.

With endless gratitude,