Pronounced “chee-gong”, qigong is a form of traditional Chinese medicine for enhancing overall health and vitality. 

Qi means life force energy; the primordial energy that creates and animates life. Gong means work or practice. Qigong, therefore, is the practice of cultivating life energy to improve the health and harmony of mind, body, and spirit. Qigong uses slow gentle movement, deep breathing, and visualization to release energetic blockages and to replenish and balance the flow of energy in the body and mind.

Dating back to 1000 BC, qigong has a long and rich history in Chinese medicine. In the mid 1900’s, after facing the threat of extinction, qigong was scientifically proven and endorsed by the Chinese communist government. Today qigong is a cornerstone of modern day Chinese medicine and is practiced widely in hospitals and parks throughout Asia. In Western society, qigong is gaining popularity as a complementary therapy with a growing amount of scientific evidence supporting its many health benefits.

Suitable for all ages and abilities, qigong is gentle, easy to learn, and can be done standing up, sitting down, and even while walking in the park!