Innocence Wants to Be Seen

As I sat this morning, I found myself wondering why I have been so drawn to share struggles, vulnerability and shame?  It has been a compelling urge so I have trusted it, but today I felt a need to spend more time feeling into the sensations of shame.  

With a little will and a lot of open hearted desire, I was able to fall “behind” the pain of shame and observe and witness the thoughts and sensations without judgement or attachment (this is the work of Michael Singer, Eckhart Tolle, Pema Chodron and many others…work that we will continue to explore during our fall session).

From this position or “seat” as Michael Singer calls it, compassion emerged and I heard a soft voice saying: “I just want to be seen, that is all, nothing more.” It was innocence speaking to me. 

 I was then drawn to a notebook of mine, a dog-eared collection of handwritten notes covered in coffee stains, and I turned directly to page of notes from Pamela Wilson’s Satsang retreat in March of 2017. On this page I had written down a quote of Pamela’s that read as follows:


“All shame comes from being told you are not ok. Innocence wants to come out of the shadow cast by this untruth.” body relaxed, my thoughts relaxed and my heart opened. 

 Deep Presence



Courageous Vulnerability

I have articulated these four qualities many times in the past and today it has become clear that this what our circles are truly all about!