Stepping Into the Divine Feminine (Sept 10, 2018 gathering)

Dear Wise Women,

Before I start, I want to revisit the term “Wise Woman” and my invitation for you to receive this name. Earlier on, through an email, I asked you to allow me call you a Wise Woman. I also invited you to really feel into what a “Wise Woman” means to you? 

I asked you to close your eyes and notice what images come to your mind, to let yourself notice what is evoked in you. I invite you to do this again. Really, really take the time to be with it all. Notice your resistance and judgement, notice your longing and desires, notice it ALL. Have some fun with this, and above all, and give yourself permission to be called a Wise Woman.

If you are seeking a more definitive answer of what a wise woman is, I encourage you to consider Susun Weed’s description as transcribed below. Susun is a renowned herbalist and healer and advocate for the reclamation of the Wise Woman. Every single word resonates and aligns with my beliefs and visions - and I hope it strikes a cord for you too. Please take the time to savour this invitation to step into your Wise Woman self!

The Wise Woman Tradition empowers women by:

~ Focusing on simple remedies that are easily accessible
~ Sharing information freely
~ Offering compassionate listening
~ Renaming her weaknesses as strengths
~ Reminding her that her body is the body of the earth, is the body of the goddess, is the sacred ground of being.

The Wise Woman Tradition empowers women to:

~ View themselves as healthy, even when they have problems
~ Create their own healthy norms
~ Honor their natural cycles and changes (puberty, menses, pregnancy, menopause)
~ Define themselves from a woman-centered viewpoint
~ Connect with other women for personal and planetary healing
— Susun Weed,

As I explained at the beginning of our gathering today, I am continuously guided to bring forth a variety messages and pointers. Sometimes they arrive weeks and months prior and sometimes the morning of. I had planned on sharing a different reading/teaching today, but in my morning meditation I was called to draw a Kuan Yin Oracle card and the one I drew seemed to summarize exactly what I have been feeling about the power of the feminine and the reason I am compelled to bring women together in the manner that I do. I was also particularly struck by how I felt that the message was not just for me, as the apparent teacher, but for each of YOU as the spiritual leaders you are in your own lives.

I have included the reading below for you, I invite you to especially consider the following excerpt, which touches on the power of presence and compassion in a most beautiful way:

The gifts of the Yin Empress are experienced through your feminine power which is accessed through living your heart truths, your genuine values and your fierce gentleness. Femininity is not weak, nor is it aggressive, it is fierce compassion that refuses to descend into judgement and if it does, rise again to compassion over and over and over again.
The Yin Empress
The Yin Empress brings peace, prosperity and success to her beloved devotes. Your Soul Purpose includes Healing and Empowerment of the Divine Feminine, The Yin Empress herself. You gain power, assistance and untold blessings in following your Soul Purpose. You are lifted and supported in your Sacred Work now.

You are a spiritual leader and pioneer and part of what you are here to do for the planet on a soul level, whether you are a man or a woman, is to empower the Divine Feminine, the cosmic Empress of Yin or divine feminine energy, so that we might live in more balance as a species on the Earth.

The Divine Feminine is only now making her resurgence on this planet and many do not understand Her. Your sacred task, for which you will be richly supported, nourished and rewarded, is to help live Her truths now. In doing so, you are planting seeds of awareness and experience for others to draw from when they too are ready to live into Her sacred truths.

This will explain why at times you feel you do not fit in to current culture. You are not meant to, because you are meant to help it to grow and change! In the same way that beloved Kuan Yin had a rebellious and compassionate streak, and did not fit into the world in the way that it was because she was born to help it heal and ascend, so to does your Soul yearn to make a real difference in this world, to help it be free of fear that leads to competition and domination and power struggles and instead to live from a place of love and peace.

The gifts of the Yin Empress are experienced through your feminine power which is accessed through living your heart truths, your genuine values and your fierce gentleness. Femininity is not weak, nor is it aggressive, it is fierce compassion that refuses to descend into judgement and if it does, rise again to compassion over and over and over again.

Men and women in touch with their feminine power are able to love, to have compassion, to be truthful and to honour what really matters to them, whether it fits with contemporary cultural values or not. They realize that they are helping to create a new culture with wiser values. Living in this way not only feels better and more truthful, it also leads to a successful life with much creativity, positive contribution, personal empowerment and satisfying relationships, not to mention inspiration for others to draw from so that they too may grow.

You are being asked to live into your feminine power now, to be true to who you are and not give in to social conditioning that tells you feminine power is not enough, that you must compromise your values, your beliefs or your compassion to ‘get ahead’ or ‘come out on top’. You do not have to live that way, you are being empowered to live from your heart and realize that this is not only enough, it is a blessing for all. The Yin Empress thanks you for your loving devotion and service to her and shines blessing upon you now, beloved.

Sit quietly with your eyes closed and imagine that you can journey within your heart on the breath, riding it like a wave. As you enter into the heart you become aware of how endless the space is within the heart. It is dark, open and peaceful, supportive and empty. There is a sense that it extends endlessly, this peaceful empty space, filled with love and presence, above you and below you, and before you and behind you and to the left and the right of you. Feel how it is eternal and peaceful, that it does not force or fight, and yet is always there. Imagine any struggle or issue being released into this darkness, consumed by it and it ceases to exist. The bliss that you feel in recognition of this opens your heart and you allow yourself to be held in this space and spiritually fed.

Divine Yin Empress, Mother of Compassion, Kuan Yin, Om Namaha. Peace, Grace, Light and Feminine Power infuse your being within my heart now. May I be a vessel of the grace and healing of the divine feminine. May I live my Soul truths on this planet, may fear and anger be softened with love, may I find the true nature of my spiritual power and may I align with you, beloved, into eternal Grace of Divine Love. My devotion to the Yin Empress and Her wish for all beings to be spiritually free grows in my heart now, I receive your love and protection. Om Mani Padme Hum.
— #40 Kuan Yin Oracles by Alana Fairchild

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