Like a peacock, your beauty is multiplied when you spread your wings (June 1 circle)...

Dear Friday morning loves,

What a treat to have young beauties join our class...Katrina brought Bella, her 15 year old daughter, and I had my 10 year old, Clara with me. Clara had a PD day and though reluctant to come along, she was soon captivated by the energy of Michelle's abode, and took her time to take in all of Michelle's spiritual "stuff". She had a great time and wants to come back! Though the young additions did not make up for the absence of some our cherished sisters, it did help soothe our sorrow. Michelle C, Jessica, Lisa Marie and Glenda, we missed you dearly!

As happens, the class took on a a direction of its own, starting with a conversation on the couch about power animals. Inspired by what was transpiring, I whispered to Clara to go upstairs and get Michelle's spirit animal cards. Oh what we fun we had sharing our (as always) perfect cards!

Top left to right: Michelle M, Katrina C, Bella Bottom left to right: Katrina K, Clara, Patti

Top left to right: Michelle M, Katrina C, Bella
Bottom left to right: Katrina K, Clara, Patti

It was interesting that animals, and in particular birds, arose as a focus, as earlier in the morning  I had drawn a Kuan Yin card and I felt drawn to share the meditation and prayer during our opening meditation. So, of course I did!

The beauty of the peacock is breathtaking, with stunning lush colour unfolding in graceful and proud display. You too are a great beauty, beloved. Within you resides a glorious divine being of beautiful light, with an ability to create, as your divine birthright. The Peacock Beauty speaks to you of your creative energies rising to sublime, inspired new levels as you are accessing the power of your throat chakra for higher creation. Your intentions, decisions and particularly your words, are becoming more powerful. Enjoy the wise use of this glowing creative potency to express the beauty within you, asking for Divine Blessing on all your plans, projects and words.

The Peacock Beauty can silence us with Her sheer magnificence, reminding us of the power of genuine beauty to bring us into peace and harmony within. There is a stirring within you to create great beauty in your life, to honour the creative ability that you have to express such sublime feelings that reside within you.

As the Soul grows spiritually, the creative energies begin to rise from the sacral chakra in the hips and pelvis, to the throat chakra, where they can be translated into sound and made manifest. What once would have been more instinctual creativity, beautiful in its own way, becomes inspired and sublime, adding depth and healing energy to your creative expressions. You can begin to create divine beauty through your words and actions. You become an active, healing force for divine beauty in our world.

As the power of the throat chakra grows, our urge to express ourselves in a uniquely creative way can become strong. This creativity is the voice of the Soul wishing to manifest itself in the physical world. The power of your Soul is starting to flow through your words and plans. The best way to use this power wisely is to decide that what you speak, choose to do, or intend to create will be in alignment with the divine beauty that is present in your heart. The Peacock Beauty, Kuan Yin in her graceful expression, urges you to follow what is truly beautiful to your heart and know that this will bring harmony within you and into the world most feely.

This oracle is also an indicator that whatever project, plan or purpose you have been contemplating is in alignment with the higher creativity of your Soul. Don’t worry if the details aren’t unfolding as you thought that they would. It is always wise to be clear with your intention and surrender the details to the Universe so that they can unfold according to a vision greater than our own. All you need to do is have faith and follow your intuition to take the steps that you feel heart-inspired to take and to have patience and trust in yourself and in the Universe.

Kuan Uin, divine Peacock Beauty, is blessing you now with her compassion and grace, helping you let go of fear or doubt about your own ability to create, whether it be music, writing, healing, a healthier body or a clearer mind. These desires within you are already in process of being created. Don’t give up, but do let go. Allow the beauty within to find its expression now, beloved. It is time for your inner beauty to shine.

Sit quietly and breathe in and out, closing your eyes and focusing your awareness on your sacral chakra, which is below the navel, located at your pelvis. Imagine that there is a warm glow of inner light there, radiating golden and bright. Slowly as you are aware of that warm light and the breath, it begins to rise up to the throat chakra, the energy centre situated at the centre of your throat. Just intend that this happen gently and naturally as you are aware of the warmth in your lower belly. Once you feel some warmth in your body, gathering at your throat charka, or simply when you feel ready, say clearly, “I now ask for divine blessing that my higher creativity be activated - may my plans, projects and words be sublime, full of healing and unique beauty. May my creative flow be blessed with divine love, through the grace of Kuan Yin and my own free will, I allow my inner beauty to be revealed now. So be it!”
Imagine that the energy and light between your navel and throat begin to join in the centre of your body where they start to fan out, like two peacock tails in full open display, forming a stunning circular fan of magnificent golden, iridescent blue, green and purple plumes. Imagine this fan spinning in the centre of your body until it becomes a blur of gorgeous light shining out in all directions.
Say, “I choose to reveal the peacock beuaty, the gloriousness of my own higher creativity in its full splendour - so be it!”
When you are ready, just open your eyes.

Beloved Kuan Yin, bless me with the grace to surrender into the beauty of my own Soul, to recognize my higher creativity in flow now, to make the creations of my Soul my highest priority, that I may life with abundance, peace and happiness. Help me beloved beauty to recognize my own beauty, as magnificent and colourful as the stunning peacock. May my creations be as lovely. Om Mani Padme Hum.
— Kuan Yin Oracle Cards by Alana Fairchild. #24 Reveal The Peacock Beauty 7

We shared a beautiful and deep practice of Qigong and the Five Element Series, and closed with three chants of Om and the following invocation:

Screenshot 2018-06-03 17.06.35.png

Blessings to each of you this week. I so look forward to seeing you next Friday. Reminder, we only have two weeks of class left before we break for summer. 🌻

Love Patti