Still Floating (April 20th circle)

Dear lovelies,

A heart felt THANK-YOU for bringing your whole beautiful, brave and vulnerable selves to our circle on Friday! I am in absolute awe of the depth and power of each of you and the collective energy of our circle!

What a weekend I have had! I thought I would have sent this email sooner, but I have been going non-stop since Friday’s class. It has been a frenzy of family activities, outside play, spring cleaning and time spent at Pamela Wilson’s online retreat, “The Mystic’s Lair”, which was absolutely divine! Throughout the busy-ness of the weekend I have felt life’s energy simply guiding me from one thing to the next with virtually no contraction or stress involved. Honestly, I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life for this kind of ease and fluidity. Though this is a cause to celebrate (which I am doing), there is also a very calm awareness behind it all that is simply observing and appreciating the moment…neither clinging to it or assuming it will always be this way.  

I want to invite you all to send a blessing to Jessica’s mother, Alexandra who is having a lumpectomy this coming Tuesday to treat early stage breast cancer. I had intended on doing a group blessing for Alexandra and for Jessica on Friday, but it slipped by. So I would like to invite each of you to send love and light to both of them. 💞🙏

I also want to let you know that unfortunately Ariel won’t be able to join our circle as she has many new things arising in her life, which she needs time to dedicate herself to. For those of you who know her, she sends her regrets.

Here are the readings I shared during class.  As you know, the Richard Rohr reading was from a letter requesting donations sent by the Center for Action and Contemplation… I am sending you a photo of the letter. The Kuan Yin reading and prayer was from card #8, Dynasty of the Divine Mother, which I drew from the Kuan Yin Oracle Cards.




Richard Rohr

Dynasty of the Divine Mother, Oracle card #8 Kuan Yin Oracle Cards by Alana Fairchild

The only wish of the Divine Mother Goddess is that all beings be spiritually free. The Divine Goddess calls us to realize our true nature, to fall in love with our own divinity. Enlightenment is a culmination of many small steps, each one as a drop of water forming a divine ocean of peace, realization, love and unity within us, an ocean that washes away fear, separation and scarcity and bathes us in abundance and bliss. You carry the torch of enlightenment within you, beloved. Let it shine each day.

Beloved Kuan Yin, Green Tara, Mazue, Goddesses of the Great Divine Mother, please help me to live my light, to live my enlightenment in each day, to know my own Self and to live the beauty and bliss with peace in my heart. Thank you for your help. Om Shanti. I feel your Peace in my heart now. May all beings feel and know this peace within. Om Shanti. Om Mani Padme Hum.