Rise and Shine Qigong - Saturday mornings, 7:30-8:30 am

Located at Heart + Mind Yoga Studio, 827, 10 Discovery Ridge Hill SW

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Start your weekend off with an energizing practicing of qigong! Qigong masters recommend practicing first thing in the morning, so this is an opportunity to experience the power of a morning practice in a group setting.

Class begins with a guided meditation followed by guided slow gentle qigong movements, breathing techniques, and focused visualizations  designed to cultivate qi, release blockages and balance the flow of qi throughout the body. 

Throughout the session of classes you will experience the Eight Silk Brocades, Daoist Five Element Qigong and Shibashi Qigong as well as practical methods to incorporate qigong into your daily life. 

Suitable for all ages and abilities and no experience is necessary.  Wear comfortable clothes and soft soled shoes or socks. PLEASE NOTE that class begins with a sitting meditation on the floor, cushions are provided and back support and/or chairs are available to ensure comfort for all participants. 

Fall Session:  Sept 29 - Dec 8 (no class on Oct 8)