Practicing Grace Circle of Presence


The circle of presence is a sacred space for speaking, listening and connecting. In our circle, we pass a heart shaped stone to represent our shared desire to open our hearts. Whoever is holding the stone is free to speak or remain silent while receiving full and unconditional presence of all other participants. The subtle energy created from using this respectful approach provides a sense of communion and interconnectedness.

  • The person holding the stone has the opportunity to freely express in any way that is comfortable. She is safe to say whatever is in her heart.

  • The person with the stone receives full attention from everyone in the circle. Listeners make every effort to listen attentively without forming judgements or comparisons (to listen to what is being said without relating it back to oneโ€™s own experience is one of the most divine gifts one can give to another). 

  • After all have had a chance to share, participants will have another opportunity to speak by asking to hold the stone.

  • Participants refrain from making comments or offering advice about what someone else has shared (positive relation to what someone else has spoken is welcome). 

  • When passing the stone, visualize it as pure and clean and pass it on.

  • As the facilitator, Patti may further relate or expand on what has been shared through her teachings. When the sharing circle is complete, participants may freely ask Patti questions about the teachings (holding the stone is not required during this interactive period).

  •  The personal nature of what is shared is confidential to the circle. 

  • Connection and communication outside of the sharing circle (during tea time before and after class) is welcome. Please be mindful and respectful that some participants may not not wish to further discuss what they shared in the circle.